CNA Practice Test

CNA Practice TestTo become a certified nursing assistant, the last step in the process is to pass the CNA certification exam, so to make sure that you do your very best, it is a great idea to take a CNA practice test to make sure that you are properly prepared.

You may be asking yourself, “how hard it the nursing assistant exam?” Well, with some hard work and study on your part, you will be able to do very well on the CNA exam.

The most important thing that you can do is practice and be well-prepared. Being well-versed as to what to expect on the CNA certification exam will help ensure your ultimate success, so that is why a CNA practice test is so important.

There are many resources you can use to better prepare for the certified nursing exam including, CNA practice tests, CNA practice questions, nurse aide skills videos and tutorials.

CNA Practice Test Tactics

When taking CNA practice tests, make sure that you understand exactly why a particular answer is correct rather than merely memorizing the correct answer. This will ensure that you are the best-prepared when you take the actual nursing aide exam.

Below you will find some valuable CNA testing resources that we have compiled for you. Be sure and utilize these practice tests and CNA practice questions.

CNA Practice Tests

Nurse Aide Practice Test
This is a free CNA practice test complete with an answer key. The nurse aide exam contains 60 CNA practice questions and answers.

CNA Test Questions
Here you will find an interactive online nursing assistant practice quiz. This online CNA test contains 60 questions and will expose you to the style and types of questions that will appear on the actual CNA certification exam.

CNA State Exam Practice Questions
This is actually a great set of online CNA practice flashcard complete with questions and answers. You can either study and review them or opt to take the CNA practice quiz. This set of nursing aide flashcards contains 190 questions and answers.

Georgia Nurse Aide Examination Booklet (NNAAP)
This nurse aide examinatin booklet is for those individuals who want to be certified as CNAs in Georgia. The NNAAP Exam is designed to measure a potential nurse aide’s knowledge, skill and abilities and is comprised of a written (or Oral) portion and a skills evaluation portion. The purpose of the NNAAP examination is to ensure that a CNA candidate can safely perform necessary jobs skills of an entry-level nurse aide. This booklet contains the steps to be followed to apply to take the CNA certification exam for the state of Georgia.

Free Nurse Aide Practice Certification Exam
This interactive free online nurse aide practice exam is intended to help prepare you for what kinds of questions to expect on the actual CNA certification exam. You can create a practice test with 10 to 85 possible questions–answers includes as well.

Nurse Aide Practice Exam Video

We hope you have found these CNA practice test resources helpful. With some focused preparation and study, you should have no problem passing the nurse aide certification exam. If you don’t pass the exam the first time, you may want to check out “What happens if I fail my CNA exam” for additional information.

You will also want to check out the free CNA training videos to visually review the skills upon which you will be tested.

Finally, if you are currently employed as a CNA and wish to advance your healthcare career, consider an online health care management degree and start moving up the health care ladder today.

We wish you the best as you prepare to begin your new fulfilling career in the nursing field!

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